Something Special From Wisconsin Holiday Market!

Ronnie Appleseed & Crew will be attending the 1st Something Special from Wisconsin™ Holiday Market The event celebrates Wisconsin’s finest products & services during the biggest gift-giving holiday season. FREE ADMISSION and open to the public! Lots of...

Thank You All for a GREAT SEASON!

As the season's change, the final apples hang by a thread on the trees, the frost begins to blanket us each night, and the busy days of the orchard have slowed... So comes the time when we must announce that, Sunday, Nov. 4th will be the last day of AVEnue Orchard...


AVEnue Orchard has a brand new website! We’re excited to share our favorite apples with you, help you reserve your delicious goodies and let you know all the exciting things this apple season will bring.

Winter at the Orchard

Even though the apple’s don’t grow during the winter it’s still a beautiful place out here at the AVEnue Orchard.

Our apple selection is now available online!

Find out what we’re growing, where you can find your favorite apples and learn what we think the best things to make with your apples are.