Question: Pears grow in Wisconsin?      

               Answer: Yes.  The pears we sell are grown at our home orchard right here in Wisconsin.

Question: Do you have Honeycrisp?

                Answer: Yes we do. We also have many other varieties available, which you can find under the link Our Apples.  (Our personal favorite is the snow sweet.)

Question: Do you spray chemicals?

           Answer: Yes.  We follow Inovative Pest Management (IPM) practice.  For more details check out the How We Grow page.

Question: Are you a Pick your own orchard?

                Answer: Yes.  We have partnered with Class Apple to provide a Pick-Your-Own location.  Class Apple is located at 5198 Sunset View Dr.

Question: Can we use the orchard to take pictures?

                Answer:  We are very photogenic and we welcome wedding parties and graduates to contact us about coming out here to take pictures.  Other special events are also welcome to contact us.


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