Here we are, November. The month of gratitude and reflection for farmers. Our crazy picking season is behind us, and every last one of our apples has been pressed into cider, made into jam, or eaten by our amazing customers. We were so grateful to attend many farmers markets all summer long, and have our Orchard Store open full time.

Now, all the apples are picked, and the orchards are winterized. The cows have been moved to their winter pasture, and the goats have a new barn to keep them warm.

What a whirlwind of a year it’s been out here at AVEnue Orchards!

We just want to share some serious gratitude for all the volunteers, friends, and family that made our season possible! Seriously, we wouldn’t have been able to press all the cider we did, or pump out all our batches of jams and jellies without YOU. Now we can roll into the winter and begin to plan for another amazing season in 2021.


Even if you missed the heat of the apple season, we’re still selling all of our jams, jellies, and apple butters ONLINE! We’ll ship those goodies straight to your doorstep through the whole winter season. We’re also planning a grand winter opening of our Orchard Store in 2021. Stay tuned for the details!

You can purchase jams, jellies, and butters using the button below…….